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Power Cube® PCH-6

Power Cube® PCH-6
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SPECIAL OARDER -- The NEW POWER CUBE® PCH-6 (208 – 240 Volt X 6 Circuits of 20A) – Male SOCA to PowerCON Splitter

This is the ULTIMATE Touring, SOCA to PowerCON Splitter! Imbedded into each side of the solid, one piece, aluminum extrusion, are three PowerCON NAC3MPB-1 outlet connectors. Each PowerCON is connected to its own independent circuit on the SOCA style Connector for a total of six (6) 20 amp circuits. As a safety feature there is a Fly-Track, opposite and on axis to the SOCA connector, to properly suspend (Rig) the PCH-6.  On each side of the SOCA there are Fly-Track points as a safety to secure the SOCA cable.  For convenience, the center of the Power Cube Logo is colored red where the model number is, enabling the technical crew to quickly identify it is the High voltage wiring configuration (208-240V) version of the product.
This is probably the most compact and elegant piece of hardware most Tech’s have seen in some time. 
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