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Four (4) M.A.R.S.™ 2U Half Rack 14 inch deep Modules coupled together with a 4U Rack Ear on each side.  Also shows four (4) Rear Rack Ear supports and Clips to reduce stress on the front rack ears. In most cases a pair of Rear Rack Ear Kits would be sufficient.  This simply shows that for heavier equipment as stacked like this can use all 4 support positions.  (One Rear Rack Ear Support Kit SKU # 00000 )  Includes Rack Side Clip and Rear Rack Ear.  Rear Rack Ear supports Fit Racks that are 20” from front to Rear rack rail.  Longer supports available as a custom part.  Applications: Power, Audio Signal & Speaker level distribution.
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DISTRO (SKU: 10042)DISTRO (SKU: 10042)This is a break-out box that connects the first two contacts (pin 1+, 1-) of an NL4 connector to the first two contacts (pin 1+, 1-) of an NL4 and the other two contacts of the first NL4 connector (pin 2+, 2-) and connects them to the first two contacts (pin 1+, 1-) of a second NL4 connector.� ~ This has the same wiring as a COMBO that uses all NL2/Combo connectors. ~ Applications: This enables two (2) full range speakers to be connected to a single four (4) conductor speaker cable.
MATRIX (SKU: 10082)MATRIX (SKU: 10082)The MATRIX is an adaptor box that breaks out an NL8 into two (2) NL4’s.  The first half of the NL8 connector (Pins 1+, 1-, 2+, 2-) connect to the same pins on the first NL4 connector. The second half of the NL8 (Pins 3+, 3-, 4+, 4-) connect respectively to Pin 1+, 1-, 2+, 2- of the second NL4.
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