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The SLP-236 is a 2U high 19" rack mount 220 Volt 30 amp single phase power distribution bar. This model has a NEMA L14-30 for a Main Inlet connector. There is one double 15 Amp breaker and two single 20 Amp breakers located on the front panel. The double 15 Amp breaker distributes power to a duplex 220 Volt 15 Amp twist lock connector that is also connected to a split T-slot duplex U-ground receptacle. Both outlets connected to this double 15 Amp breaker are located on the rear panel. Each of the remaining two 20 Amp single breakers are connected to one of the two phases ( X & Y ) of the main power inlet connector and distribute power to a Tslot duplex U-ground receptacle located on the rear panel. The same two 20 Amp X2 and Y2 breakers also distribute power, one to each half of the split T-slot duplex U-ground convenience receptacle located on the front panel. "SPECIAL ORDER ONLY"  While quanties last
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DISTRO (SKU: 10042)DISTRO (SKU: 10042)This is a break-out box that connects the first two contacts (pin 1+, 1-) of an NL4 connector to the first two contacts (pin 1+, 1-) of an NL4 and the other two contacts of the first NL4 connector (pin 2+, 2-) and connects them to the first two contacts (pin 1+, 1-) of a second NL4 connector.� ~ This has the same wiring as a COMBO that uses all NL2/Combo connectors. ~ Applications: This enables two (2) full range speakers to be connected to a single four (4) conductor speaker cable.
MATRIX (SKU: 10082)MATRIX (SKU: 10082)The MATRIX is an adaptor box that breaks out an NL8 into two (2) NL4’s.  The first half of the NL8 connector (Pins 1+, 1-, 2+, 2-) connect to the same pins on the first NL4 connector. The second half of the NL8 (Pins 3+, 3-, 4+, 4-) connect respectively to Pin 1+, 1-, 2+, 2- of the second NL4.
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