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Power Cube® 4-E+

Power Cube® 4-E+
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A/C is supplied to the Power Cube® 4E+ through a 20-Amp PowerCON NAC3MPA inlet connector, directly wired to a 20-Amp PowerCON NAC3MPB outlet. This permits multiple Power Cubes® to be connected end to end on a single circuit. On each of the open ends of the extruded housing is an Edison 15-amp Duplex Receptacle with its own dedicated 10-Amp supplementary circuit interrupter (Breaker) and power indicator lamp. Each duplex receptacle has a total maximum load of 8-Amps. All PowerCON inlets and outlets are parallel connected supporting a combined maximum electrical load of 12-16 Amps depending on the rating of the power supply cord connected. For desired ergonomic connectivity the 4E+ is available in right or left hand versions.

Right Hand Version
(not shown)
SKU: 22821

Technical Specs
1x Neutrik® 20-Amp PowerCON

1x 20-Amp Neutrik® PowerCON
2x 20-Amp Hubbell® Edison U-Ground Duplex Receptacle

Neutrik® Connectors above, are not
approved for disconnecting under load

Electrical Specs:
Total maximum load of
16-Amps, 120 V, 60hz

Electrically approved by special inspection for North America

Fly-Track Rating:
500 lbs / 226.8 kg
straight pull
w/single stud fly-clip

Dimensions: (LWH)
5.5” x 5.5” x 2.1”
39.75 mm x 139.75mm x 53.44mm

2lb 5.6oz / 1.07kg
Virtually indestructible
extruded aluminum body

Integrated Fly-Track

Can be wired as a Stringer (in series)

Available in right or left hand versions

Five Year Limited Warranty
- All Power Cube® Products are protected by a limited five (5) year warranty covering
defects in materials and workmanship
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